Other Expertise

1. Consulting work.

• Global small business: helping companies expand internationally.
• Entrepreneurship: conducting training workshops, surveys and research.
• Corporate world: helping BIG companies reach global small businesses (e.g, Verio).
• Big business:  helping big companies educate small businesses on how to go global.

2. Authoring articles.

The Conference Board
Escape From Corporate America

The Wall Street Journal
Trade Routes To China

Leader Magazine
“Going Global: 14 Tips From Leading Experts and Bold Entrepreneurs Will Help You Expand Internationally”

3. Authoring books.

“Exporting:  The Definitive Guide to Selling Abroad Profitably”

Start & Run a Profitable Exporting Business

“Insanely Global”

“GODZILLA Global Marketing!”

Currently working on: “The One Minute Global Manager,” “Borderbusters: 20 Strategic Moves That Drive Exceptional Global Business Growth,” “Check Your Self-Importance at the Door,” and “You’re a President, Now Act Like One.”

4. Writing business content.

17 Tips to Grow a Global Business

8 Bold Ways To Ride Out …”

20 Factors To Consider Before Going Global

Making Horse Sense: 8 Lessons for Businesswomen Racing to Build a New World

Entrepreneur magazine — former global small business columnist. A sample column can be found here.

American Express OPEN Forum — serving as global small business expert blogger.

5. Creating blogs.

Escape From Corporate America

The Global Small Business Blog

Women Presidents’ Organization Chicago Chapter

Women Entrepreneurs GROW Global (WEGG)

Exporting Guide

6. Speaking engagements.

UCLA Anderson School of Management
Topic:  Aligning Your Company for Global Success

American Express GROW Global Conference
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Topic:  Why You Should Scale Your Global Business

National Housewares Association: HECNA
Global Housewares Forum
Mexico City, Mexico
Topic: “Boost Your Global Sales”

Women Trading Globally Conference
Vancouver, B.C.
Topic: “Globetrotting: Rules of the Road for the International Highway”

IBM Live: Exclusive Executive Discussion
Chicago, IL USA
Topic: “Surviving in a Global Economy”

Here’s what people said:
• Your presentation was interesting, engaging and inspiring.

• A great person influences and teaches on many levels and you have touched us on so many levels.

2nd Annual Small Business Conference
North Carolina State University McKimmon Conference and Training Center
Raleigh, NC USA
Topic: “The World Is Your Market: Small Businesses Gear Up For Globalization”

Detroit Regional Chamber Small Business Conference
Troy Marriott
Troy, MI USA
Topic: “The World Is Your Market: Small Businesses Gear Up For Globalization Using Web 2.0 Media”

Here’s what people said:
• Your passion for what you do was infectious — thanks for lighting my fire.

• You are as cool as you are informative.

7. Serving as a panelist.

Chicago Graduate School of Business, University of Chicago
Topic: “International Entrepreneurship”

Midwest Entrepreneurs’ Forum
Topic: “Using International Partnering to Grow Your Business”

On the Rise Small Business Conference at Time Warner Center in New York (11/9/06)
Hosted by CNN and sponsored by UPS
Topic: “Global Expansion”

8. Moderating panel discussions and webinars.

Illinois CIBER (Center for International Business Education and Research), University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Topic: “Women In International Business.”

MCAA (Measurement, Control and Automation Association)
Topic: “Doing Business in China”

2007 ATHENA International Conference
Topic: “Borderless World: Women Leading and Succeeding in the International Marketplace”

2007 UPS Global Small Business Forum
Topic: UPS Business Monitor 360º

Women Entrepreneurs GROW Global webinars

9. Teaching.

Adjunct Professor, MBA International Marketing, Loyola University Chicago

10. Conducting workshops and webinars.

Laurel Delaney’s Global Trade Trends Report 2017 webinar and presentation deck
Women Entrepreneurs GROW Global

“How To Leverage Web 2.0 Technology To Build Your Global Presence”
Based on the popular article, “Who Moved My Client Base?”
Email us to request more information.

Going Global With Your Small Business
Bank of America Small Business Online Community

11. Facilitating.

Chicago Chapter Chair (three chapters)
Women Presidents’ Organization

12. Photojournalism.

Photographing people and places to tell a compelling story with images.

13. Mentoring.

Helping businessmen and women worldwide move ahead by leading the charge to break down barriers, explore possibilities, push boundaries and unleash their business potential whether within a corporate environment or through business ownership.

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